Goto Dashboard of website

Step 1

If you want to add new category then search for category button in dashboard (product tab)

Step 2

Click on the category as mention in the 1st step a new sacreen will open were you can add new category ( tyoe the name of category if there is any sub category also mention it in the parent tab) slug is nothing only like name of Category

Step 3

If you have already exited category then go to product tab and click on all products then click on the product name which category you want to change and then search for category tab like shown in the picture in product addition page on the right side

Step 4

If want to change the category then make it unselected  and select new one

(e.g if you want to change select the india only then uncheck the Pakistan and Select the india)

Step 5

Then click the update button on the right side then your category will be updated

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