Are 7 Million Part Time Travel Tourism Jobs Developing in Cambodia & ASEAN via The Great Asian Highway?

DeVictor Mason, representative of Asian Highway Network Jobs Development Programs  “We Help Bring 7 Million Travel-Tourism Jobs Into Your Country” who is the sponsor of this 7 Million Jobs project, says “Guaranteed! As soon as a corporate sponsor with influence with WordPress related software developing, volunteers to complete the final necessary programming seen at”.

Mr. Mason continues “Because we offer 12 months of profit sharing and sponsor acknowledgment, locating a capable sponsor should be easy to accomplish, while completing the WordPress isn’t that difficult since 90% has been completed. The major challenge seems to be that I like the Donald Trump’s Apprentice method of doing things, You tell the Taxi driver take you to the Airport and the route taken is up to him. I’ve not yet located one software team able to visualize the concepts outlined in the PDF file created by the United Nations World Tourism Organization based upon the  UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference, “Siem Reap Declaration on Tourism and Culture – Building a New Partnership Model” that addresses all  UNWTO/UNESCO  recommendations in this booklet. My several years of analysis and research has provided solutions easy to adopt, easier to implement. Finding WordPress talent not requiring step-by-step tutoring has caused more headaches than should be encountered. But if it was easy to do then it would have been accomplished by someone already, so I keep going and going and going. My donation to planet Earth is how it appears to me.

Residents in each town and city in Cambodia living along the Great Asian Highways will be provided free marketing of their tourism related services, along with training on how to raise funds for personal or community development projects. These citizens will be available to tourists in Asia, Africa, Australia and along the Pan American Highway from Argentina up to Alaska. A list of participating countries is available at and shows where tourists will be recruited from. This is also the 1st thing anyone will see when visiting Really quite simple to use, just click a flag on some continent, select a country you want to visit, and the town or city. From there you can locate a tour guide or almost any other help in the 30 most popular tourism activities. There are a few restrictions though, because we don’t encourage tourists to leave the Great Asian Highway and venture into the woods. This means that you can not register to sell your tourism related products and services if your town is not listed as a place these highways pass through.

Government officials, tourism stakeholders, economic development offices, local media and even educational facilities are expected to participate once they see the benefits to both local citizens and tourists. They will be asked to recommend 3 people who will be Guest Judges each week to rate video sales presentations uploaded by citizens in each of the 30 tourism related categories, and to issue 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to the winners. Here is where we could really use assistance from the ASEAN SECRETARIAT, whose influence would greatly assist this project by making recommendations Re.:THE ASEAN MUTUAL RECOGNITION ARRANGEMENT ON TOURISM PROFESSIONALS (ASEAN MRA-TP). While this article discusses Vietnam, this is a pilot program focusing initially upon all 10 ASEAN Nations and Pakistan.

There are many benefits to appearing on our YouTube TV each week and at least 20 are listed at Guest Judges may exchange places with their family in other countries by simply posting into their members only discussion forum at

Cash donations welcomed. All seeking additional information may visit and register into the discussion forum at while those willing to assist should send your contact data to phone or WhatsApp Mr. DeVictor Mason, +855.96.597.5998

Pakistan and ASEAN Pilot Program for 7 Million Jobs in Travel Tourism