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I AM ESTIMATINGthat about $3,400 is needed for & hiring freeance software developers to allow this Tourism Jobs Development project to operate properly in Illinois. US Highway Route 66 is included along with all Amtrak stops in 25 Illinois locations. To show everyone participating the stats they require about their promotional activities including potential bonuses.

Maximum Contribution $3,400.00




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Creator: Doctor Mason
Biography: Owner: www.casinos-shv.com Owner: www.GreatAsianHighway.com Owner: www.YouTube.com/DoctorMason Owner: www.YouTube.com/AsianHighway26x/playlists Owner: www.7MillionJobs.com Owner: www.linkedin.com/in/devictor-king-mason- Owner: facebook.com/2DoctorMason/ Owner:


Now Hiring 11,599 Illinois Females To Promote Domestic Tourism in Illinois

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These women are active in social media and will be using our crowdfunding services to raise their salaries from their fans and  followers. The Illinois webpage will constantly be updated to display the Top-20 contestants, who will also be working together as a team for 60 weeks. The remaining thousands of contestants will cash out and move on.

Many of you love to travel and would do more if more resources and contacts were available to make it easier for you to explore. Look at what Japanese Actor – Photographer Arata Lura did and tell why you can’t do the same? This project offers you 30 opportunities to earn money assisting those also on a journey while you plan your next trip.

This domestic tourism jobs development project should be the answer to your hidden requests. Click this link to see some of the options now available in various countries, including Asia, Africa, Australia and the The Americas. In Illinois we will include US Route 66, and attempt to get cooperation from Amtrak in over 25 Illinois cities.

Look at how it’s done in Afghanistan and also in Bangladesh to know what to expect for Illinois.

I’m a resident of Carbondale, and was asking Greg Bouhl, the local Director of Small Business Development Center, for assistance during Black History Month to become the 1st Black Owned  Business featured as a success story on their newsletter. Instead, upon learning of my project goals he reassigned the 2 counselors away from my account.


He wrote an email stating I must have a face to face meeting with him, not via Zoom, etc. I informed him I’d open a GoFundMe to pay travel and related expenses but needed from him a promo letter I’d post in the fundraising campaigns. I asked him to include enough info to encourage donors to contribute, including the benefits to be gained from sbdc.siu.edu for complying. He refused and ceased communicating.

Perks-Rewards, Bribes, Economic Incentives, Free Gifts, etc: I’ve purchased some Illinois Grants Information from Matthew Lesko and will let you download one of the PDF’s for a donation. Click to Donate via PayPal:

Business card for 7MillionJobs.comAlready in Illinois? Phone  these tourism departments and ask for assistance.

Donate technical skills to complete this project here

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