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Creator: Doctor Mason
Biography: Owner: www.casinos-shv.com Owner: www.GreatAsianHighway.com Owner: www.YouTube.com/DoctorMason Owner: www.YouTube.com/AsianHighway26x/playlists Owner: https://7MillionJobs.com Owner: www.linkedin.com/in/devictor-king-mason- Owner: facebook.com/2DoctorMason/ Owner: https://fb.devictormason.com


“At www.7MillionJobs.com we assist Governments and Tourism Officials in 110+ locations to QUICKLY fund, train and deliver up to 7Million part time tourism related jobs to your citizens.”

Learn what info I require to add your location, by sending an email to register@7millionjobs.com so you will immediately receive an automated message identifying all you’ll need to send to us.

I require you hire software people from www.upwork.com to help finish this beta version of the website. Assign me as the supervisor. The jobs they must complete are seen at www.GalaxyFunderWebmasters.com Else, just provide the donations to me and let me do what I know is the best for all of us.

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