Introduction To This Project for Crowdfunding 7 Million Jobs into 98 Countries.

You already know that the definition of crowdfunding is the practice of obtaining needed funding (as for a new business) by soliciting contributions from a large number of people especially from the online community.
Because it is vitally important that a large number of people become aware of your project(s), we reward everyone bringing donors to your project by sharing 50% of our 1% service fee. Credit card processing companies have their own fees of around 3% over which we have no control.

How You Are Paid To Help

Click here to see what the manufacturer said about the software we are now using to guarantee your money. You can trust us and send question to “info/at/7MillionJobs/dot/com/ … Explore all features of our software and you will be more than satisfied. Your suggestions and recommendations are greatly appreciated, so this project becomes a success for everyone.

Just Imagine 23,000 Registered Members Assisting You!

You post your projects here and each of our 23,000 registered users has a tracking code to show how much traffic arrived from that registered user. Of course you will also send your customized link to get traffic to visit our site, so you can earn cash from each person giving cash into any of these projects. Read again the benefits and features of using the affiliate marketing software we have installed

How We Reach 5 Million People With One Click

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Highly recommended

Go here and read about other Crowdfunding press releases they have so you get a great idea how yours should be. You must send readers to your project on our website, which helps not just you but everyone else. When they send your offer to 5 million then surely a few of those will be interested and come to our website for your complete details. The more of you sending 5 million people to visit us, the more people will see your offer, meaning more success to you.

How Many of Our 23,000 Members Will Send 5 Million To See Your Offer?

Since they earn a fee each time we collect cash from their referrals, who knows? We may use your suggestions on how to “strongly encourage” each person to submit their crowdfunding article to EINpresswire at least. We are considering a “tax” or large service fee to everyone posting here who does not include info to our webmaster about a link showing they have used our name in any major press release service to promote their crowdfunding projects.

For Crowdfunding Community Development